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Towing and rental in most cases is an optional coverage. Also, keep in mind that some insurers do not afford “loss of use” coverage for rental vehicles. Refer to your policy declaration page or Check with agency staff if this is a concern.

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Do I have towing and auto rental coverage?

An Umbrella Policy is , in a short description, is an excess liability policy that increases the limits of liability over the personal liability base limits on the vehicle, home , watercraft, RV or any other personal liability items one may have. It’s considered an asset protector in case of a catastrophic liability loss.

Do I need to have an Umbrella policy?

Not every policy includes a replacement cost endorsement Certain requirements must be met to obtain this coverage. Refer to your policy declaration page or contact the agency staff if this is a concern.

Do I have replacement cost coverage on my Homeowners or Farm Owners Policy ?

Actual cash value is a loss settlement which is basically replacement Cost minus depreciation.

What does Actual Cash Value or ACV mean?

Sewer and Water Backup coverage is an optional coverage that can be added to your Homeowners Policy by endorsement If this is a concern refer to your policy declaration page or contact agency staff.

Do I have Sewer and Water backup coverage ?

Both offer valuable protection, but each has different features Term Life Insurance is designed to  help people purchase the protection they need when they cannot budget whole life insurance or they only need coverage for a specific time period. Term life Insurance has no cash value, but a guaranteed conversion privilege regardless what the health and occupation.


Whole life insurance is designed to provide life insurance coverage plus other “living benefits” including guaranteed cash value and the access to cash value via loans and partial surrenders.

What is the difference between Term Life and Whole life Insurance ?

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